Planning Your Wedding Ceremony

Have you prepared a blueprint of your wedding ceremony?

Photography by Jess Woodhouse

Planning for wedding can be burdensome. However, it can be accomplished in a very efficient way by preparing a checklist. You should go through the tips and resources so that the plan can be implemented in the best possible way.  The wedding planning should be prepared from the start to the finish in a very efficient manner. You should spend time to plan for the wedding and your organization skills are best reflected in this process.

Preparing for wedding

There are various tasks which should be fulfilled as part of the wedding. These tasks include deciding the budget for wedding, preparation of guest list, finding wedding hall and wedding-day ensemble. You should go through the worksheets and checklists so that you will prepare the plan in the best possible way.

You should plan for various components of wedding which include ceremony, reception, photo & video, music, flowers, attire, stationery, transportation, gifts, wedding rings, and budget. As part of the wedding ceremony, you should include various fee such as officiant fee, site donation (ceremony) fee, accessories and marriage license. The typical cost of the ceremony will be 2% of the total cost.

Food and beverages contribute the largest part of wedding expenses. You should be able to spend for cake, site and rental charges, services charges for bartenders and wait staff.

Reception site

To settle for the best reception site, you should find out the contact name, appointment date & time, address, telephone, email, website, maximum capacity, proposal price and price. After going through three or more sites, you will settle for the best without any issues.

The proposal should include the services provided by the reception site. You should be aware of the cancellation and refund policy. If you are aware of complete terms and conditions, the best decision can be taken and there will not be any ambiguity.

The reception rentals checklist should include guest tables, cake tables, head table, buffet tables, gift table, cocktail table and other arrangements. The size & shape, amount needed, cost, Rental Company and pick-up/return dates should be mentioned in this process. The number of chairs, types of chairs, tablecloths, overlay toppers, chair covers, plate chargers, dinner plates, salad plates, dessert plates, cups, dinner forks, glassware, food service, tents and other accessories should be planned as per your needs.

Food and beverage

More than half of your wedding budget will be demanded by food and beverage. You can deliver unique experience to your guests by offering delicious food items. Food items should be selected as per the time of day and type of meal. It should be based on the formality of event as well.

There are different kinds of serving styles which include seated, buffet and passed-tray. You should have an approximate number of guests that are to be fed. The list of items should include appetizers, entrees, sides, desserts, beverages, and other menu ideas as per your personalization.

You should contact prospective caterers and should go for the best after the comparison of quotes. The feedback offered by others can also be taken into consideration so that you will settle for the best.

Ceremony planning

The wedding planning should be done very efficiently so that there will not be any hitches during the main ceremony. You should include various traits into the ceremony as per the religion, customs, culture, and traditional practices. You are welcome to start a new tradition which will inspire your friends and associates. You should consider about pre-ceremony requirements and religious considerations as well. After going through the complete information, you should figure out the ceremony site and officiant.

There are various items which should be included under the ceremony rental checklist. These items include aisle runner, kneeling cushion, audio equipment, candles, candle lighters, chairs, linen, heaters, gift table, card holder, guest book stand, and ring pillow.

The wedding flowers and décor should be planned as per the theme. You can brand your wedding by choosing same colors and logo on various items throughout the wedding season.

Guest list planner

The invite list should be created so that everyone will be included. The guest name, acceptance, seat at table, meal request, gift description, and thank card status should be mentioned so that there will not be any issues.

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