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Since the very invention of cameras, lifestyle photography had its inception. But at those times it was called ‘photojournalism’ and was mostly seen in newspapers. The portrait photographers captured their subjects in the right pose and in the perfectly correct position. Lifestyle photography aims to capture real life incidents and situations in a creative manner and the art of everyday. Here are some tips which will help you to find out how to shoot lifestyle photography.

1. Do not always wait to take the shot until you see something happening, there are a handful of delicate things which lasts for just a flick of seconds and goes away. So always be ready!

2. Always try to capture the second before and the second after a predictable moment. If you are photo shooting a couple, incorporate things that they would usually do. This may include hanging out at home, spending time at their favorite coffee shop or some bookstores they frequently visit and so.

3. While shooting lifestyle, it is better not to disturb what is unwrapping naturally. So if your subject is not in the best light, then it is you who have to make it work. You can change your positions, try clicking from different angles and, tilt your camera if necessary, grab a reflector etc.

4.  Always help to create the mood. Just because you are photo shooting, a couple will not just instantly jump into a romantic moment or a family will burst into laughter. In such case it is you who have to take part in creating an environment which would suit those scenes. Make a casual talk to them, play music, be silly etc.

5.  Always remember the details. You can focus on the lace of a dress, take a close shot on the way someone stands or the way a baby grips a parent’s finger with his small cute hands. These shots are just little bits of information that help tell a cherished story.

6.  Pay attention to the environment as well. Carry a wide angle lens with you to include the environment as well. While photographing us often think of close up shots, but step back and look at the environment too. Those are just equally important as the people.

7.  Give your subjects something to do and not just sit idle. This kind of photography does not include look at me and say-cheese type of portraiture. Let your subjects feel free to stage their personalities and they will have natural expressions.

8. If you are photographing for a family you are not well acquainted with, do not forget to ask some questions about their family and their personalities. It will enable you to set up the session. Try to know the family better so that you can bring out the internal bonds between them.

9. Take the tight shots closing on the details and faces, but pull back too and do not forget to capture the beautiful surroundings.

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