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Lately, I’ve been uploading a selection of images and video clips from weddings to Stocksy. I get model releases from the clients for this use, allowing me to give them a price break on their wedding day. I then make a constant stream of sales that last for years after each shoot. A win for both of us.

I love how Stocksy’s aesthetic goes directly agains the rest of the stock world. It’s the opposite of cheese. Designers are actually inspired by the content on the site.

You can view some of the wedding photos here.

What NOT to do When Planning Your Wedding

We realize during at the time of our first heartbreak that life is no fairytale. Love is not an easy thing and the fact that it has been portrayed so incorrectly makes it difficult for us to want to settle for anything less than ‘perfect.’ This is where we always go wrong because contrary to what television or what social media may show you, love is not perfect. Love is messy and there are arguments and there are always tears shed from time to time. However, at the end of the day when you want still want the same person lying next to you in bed, that’s how you know it is love.

When you are in love, at some point getting married just seems a given. However, planning a wedding is not so easy. Especially if you are looking to make it a large gathering. While it is a fact that every wedding day has some incidents and problems, there are things that can be done to avoid a number of these problems many months prior to the weddings i.e. during the planning stage.

A Wedding planner can be a great help during this time and they are experienced when it comes to damage control as well however, a good wedding planner is expensive and not everyone can afford to spend that much money given how a wedding itself is so expensive. So, if you plan on doing your wedding planning on your own, we will give you a heads up on what you need to avoid doing during this time.

Do not overlook planning your budget. This is a really important step since not only will this help you stay within your budget, it will also help narrow your choices down for you. If you overlook this step, you might not realize how much your total bill has piled up till it is your wedding day and you realize that you cannot afford your honeymoon.

Do not leave your guest list to the last minute. Last minute guest lists are haphazard, you tend to forget names and you do not give your guests enough time to RSVP, leaving a bad impression. You might also end up offending people that you accidentally forgot to invite as well. So, start on your guest list beforehand.

Do not leave your wedding date and venue undecided. This can become a problem since many popular venues get booked quickly and you need to get your date booked many months prior to the wedding so that it is available for you.

Decide on your caterers, florists and how you plan to execute your Wedding Photography at least 6-8 weeks before your wedding date. Also get your significant other to weigh in on these matters as well. Do not take on all the burden on your own. Your choice of Wedding Photography is also important since there are certain themes and whether you want a shoot before the wedding etc.

Lastly, do not forget to have fun. Yes, it is stressful but you only get to experience this once in your life, so make the most of it.

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Planning Your Wedding Ceremony

Have you prepared a blueprint of your wedding ceremony?

Photography by Jess Woodhouse

Planning for wedding can be burdensome. However, it can be accomplished in a very efficient way by preparing a checklist. You should go through the tips and resources so that the plan can be implemented in the best possible way.  The wedding planning should be prepared from the start to the finish in a very efficient manner. You should spend time to plan for the wedding and your organization skills are best reflected in this process.

Preparing for wedding

There are various tasks which should be fulfilled as part of the wedding. These tasks include deciding the budget for wedding, preparation of guest list, finding wedding hall and wedding-day ensemble. You should go through the worksheets and checklists so that you will prepare the plan in the best possible way.

You should plan for various components of wedding which include ceremony, reception, photo & video, music, flowers, attire, stationery, transportation, gifts, wedding rings, and budget. As part of the wedding ceremony, you should include various fee such as officiant fee, site donation (ceremony) fee, accessories and marriage license. The typical cost of the ceremony will be 2% of the total cost.

Food and beverages contribute the largest part of wedding expenses. You should be able to spend for cake, site and rental charges, services charges for bartenders and wait staff.

Reception site

To settle for the best reception site, you should find out the contact name, appointment date & time, address, telephone, email, website, maximum capacity, proposal price and price. After going through three or more sites, you will settle for the best without any issues.

The proposal should include the services provided by the reception site. You should be aware of the cancellation and refund policy. If you are aware of complete terms and conditions, the best decision can be taken and there will not be any ambiguity.

The reception rentals checklist should include guest tables, cake tables, head table, buffet tables, gift table, cocktail table and other arrangements. The size & shape, amount needed, cost, Rental Company and pick-up/return dates should be mentioned in this process. The number of chairs, types of chairs, tablecloths, overlay toppers, chair covers, plate chargers, dinner plates, salad plates, dessert plates, cups, dinner forks, glassware, food service, tents and other accessories should be planned as per your needs.

Food and beverage

More than half of your wedding budget will be demanded by food and beverage. You can deliver unique experience to your guests by offering delicious food items. Food items should be selected as per the time of day and type of meal. It should be based on the formality of event as well.

There are different kinds of serving styles which include seated, buffet and passed-tray. You should have an approximate number of guests that are to be fed. The list of items should include appetizers, entrees, sides, desserts, beverages, and other menu ideas as per your personalization.

You should contact prospective caterers and should go for the best after the comparison of quotes. The feedback offered by others can also be taken into consideration so that you will settle for the best.

Ceremony planning

The wedding planning should be done very efficiently so that there will not be any hitches during the main ceremony. You should include various traits into the ceremony as per the religion, customs, culture, and traditional practices. You are welcome to start a new tradition which will inspire your friends and associates. You should consider about pre-ceremony requirements and religious considerations as well. After going through the complete information, you should figure out the ceremony site and officiant.

There are various items which should be included under the ceremony rental checklist. These items include aisle runner, kneeling cushion, audio equipment, candles, candle lighters, chairs, linen, heaters, gift table, card holder, guest book stand, and ring pillow.

The wedding flowers and décor should be planned as per the theme. You can brand your wedding by choosing same colors and logo on various items throughout the wedding season.

Guest list planner

The invite list should be created so that everyone will be included. The guest name, acceptance, seat at table, meal request, gift description, and thank card status should be mentioned so that there will not be any issues.

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Wedding Day Makeup

cool bride photo

Fashion and makeup planning for wedding day

As you prepare for wedding ceremony, you should ensure that the bride’s attire, bridegroom’s attire and other’s attire should be covered prominently. The rings and jewelry selection should be done based on various factors including budget, style and design. The hairstyle will have profound impact on your style. You should hire the best stylist so that your needs will be fulfilled in the best possible way. You can find wedding vendors on popular wedding blogs

Planning the wardrobe

The wedding planning should be done in the best possible way so that various aspects of wedding will be covered in a very efficient way. You should book your gown in advance so that there will not be any issues. The attire should be planned as per the budget. You should know about the advance that you should pay in the beginning and the balance amount so that there will be great convenience.

If you try different dresses, the cost might be refunded when you book a dress. There are professional agencies which can cover entire outfits for bridal party. You will get some assistance to get the most appropriate type of fabric as per the skin tone. If there are many fittings, you should figure out whether all are included in the price.

You should be aware of the gown resizing or adjustments done by the party. The tailor should specify the timeframe to deliver the gown. The refund policy and cancellation policy should be understood so that you can place an order very confidently.

Enhance your style

The items which should be planned in advance include veil, hair accessories, shoes, accessories, jewelry, lingerie, dry-cleaning & storage. You should plan for dry-cleaning and storage after the marriage so that you will keep your wardrobe in a clean and hygienic condition.

The items which should be planned include suit, shoes, and accessories. The shopping for outfit can be done in three sessions. In the first session dress can be ordered. In the second session, lingerie should be planned. The third session is meant for veil and other accessories. The shopping for various items should be done in a systematic way so that there will not be any issues.

wedding makeup

Hair and beauty enhancement

Special care should be taken about your hair so that it will be styled as per your requirements. It is possible to share your concerns with professionals so that necessary arrangements will be made to bring out the best hairstyle as per your personality.

The bride should complete beauty treatments so that the skin will be bright and elastic. The makeup artist should have experience so that he will be able to deliver goods in a very efficient way. The fragrance, spray tan, nail polish should be selected as per the outfit.

The dress and hair style should be in tune with the latest fashion trends. The style specialist should be consulted so that you will get best advice. You will go through many options so that the most appropriate option can be exercised to fulfill your needs.

Planning for wedding ceremony

You can plan for the wedding ceremony in a very efficient way. To organize the wedding ceremony in a very efficient way, you should have wedding planning and it should be implemented by competent people. As there will be overwhelming work, it should be delegated among friends and family members. You should supervise and pursue main tasks so that it is possible to make the most of your time and effort.

The ceremony location, date & time, officiant, ceremony musicians, caterer, florist, reception location, photographer, videographer, transporter and other aspects should be covered in a systematic way. Special attention should be paid to purchase outfit, jewelry and makeup. You should be able to figure out the headcount on the wedding day. The tracking can be done based on the number of invitations dispatched and accepted by guests. Further, follow up should be done few weeks before the ceremony so that their presence can be confirmed.

Even though you are required to go through overwhelming tasks, it is possible to complete various tasks in a systematic way by delegating the work as per the capability of friends and associates. You should go through the tips offered by experts so that all the things are covered properly and there will not be any issues.

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9 Techniques for Better Lifestyle Photography


dylan m howell photography


Since the very invention of cameras, lifestyle photography had its inception. But at those times it was called ‘photojournalism’ and was mostly seen in newspapers. The portrait photographers captured their subjects in the right pose and in the perfectly correct position. Lifestyle photography aims to capture real life incidents and situations in a creative manner and the art of everyday. Here are some tips which will help you to find out how to shoot lifestyle photography.

1. Do not always wait to take the shot until you see something happening, there are a handful of delicate things which lasts for just a flick of seconds and goes away. So always be ready!

2. Always try to capture the second before and the second after a predictable moment. If you are photo shooting a couple, incorporate things that they would usually do. This may include hanging out at home, spending time at their favorite coffee shop or some bookstores they frequently visit and so.

3. While shooting lifestyle, it is better not to disturb what is unwrapping naturally. So if your subject is not in the best light, then it is you who have to make it work. You can change your positions, try clicking from different angles and, tilt your camera if necessary, grab a reflector etc.

4.  Always help to create the mood. Just because you are photo shooting, a couple will not just instantly jump into a romantic moment or a family will burst into laughter. In such case it is you who have to take part in creating an environment which would suit those scenes. Make a casual talk to them, play music, be silly etc.

5.  Always remember the details. You can focus on the lace of a dress, take a close shot on the way someone stands or the way a baby grips a parent’s finger with his small cute hands. These shots are just little bits of information that help tell a cherished story.

6.  Pay attention to the environment as well. Carry a wide angle lens with you to include the environment as well. While photographing us often think of close up shots, but step back and look at the environment too. Those are just equally important as the people.

7.  Give your subjects something to do and not just sit idle. This kind of photography does not include look at me and say-cheese type of portraiture. Let your subjects feel free to stage their personalities and they will have natural expressions.

8. If you are photographing for a family you are not well acquainted with, do not forget to ask some questions about their family and their personalities. It will enable you to set up the session. Try to know the family better so that you can bring out the internal bonds between them.

9. Take the tight shots closing on the details and faces, but pull back too and do not forget to capture the beautiful surroundings.

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